China Immigration Policy Update |PU Letter is no longer necessary for visitors from Germany and Austria

There are some changes simplifying business travel from Germany or Austria into China about the current preconditions:

Please see an overview on the current regulations:


A PU invitation is no longer necessary to apply for business and assembly visas (category M).

In addition, the quarantine obligation has been shortened to a total of ten days.

Please note that the Chinese consular provider in Germany is only open once a week and therefore the processing time is usually one week.

Currently, the following documents are required for a China business and assembly visa (category M):

  1. China visa application completed online
  2. Passport (must be valid for more than 6 months)
  3. Scan of the passport identification page
  4. Current passport photo
  5. Invitation from the company in China
  6. Letter of posting from the employer
  7. Corona Vaccination Certificates
  8. Health Declaration

The responsible consulate reserves the right to request further documents.


Also in Austria there are some changes making business travel into China more easy.

In addition to the changes regarding PCR testing, abolition of antigen tests and facilitation of flights to China, we would like to inform you that from now on no official PU invitation issued by a local authority in China is required to apply for business visas.

A business invitation issued by the Chinese partner company is sufficient for the application.

Our Ebner Stolz partners DVKG in Germany and ÖVKG in Austria are happy to assist you regarding your business trips into China – please contact them at any time:

DVKG Germany office:

DVKG Deutsche Visa und Konsular Gesellschaft mbH

Friedrichstraße 132

10117 Berlin

phone:  +49 30 25764861


internet :


ÖVKG Austria office:

ÖVKG Visa und Konsular Gesellschaft mbH

Wohllebengasse 12-14/5.Stock/Top5.3

1040 Wien

phone :  +43 1 361 55 20 10