2015 Annual Individual Income Tax Deadline

The deadline of the 2015 individual income tax (“IIT”) filing is coming soon. Particularly such individuals whose annual income in 2015 exceeded RMB120,000 are required to file the annual tax return in the local tax bureau.

Expatriates who used to work in China in 2015 and meet one of the following points shall submit the annual individual income tax filing: 

  1. The individual’s annual income in 2015 exceeded RMB120,000 (excluding the expatriates that stay in China for less than one year).
  2. The individual’s wage and salary income is earned from more than one employer in China.
  3. The individual’s income is received from outside of China but the employee worked in China.
  4. Individuals who have taxable income, but do not have a withholding agent (such expatriates use the so called self-declaration system to pay the IIT).
  5. Other situations stipulated by the State Council

To calculate the amount of annual income, following type of income shall be considered: 

  • Income from wages and salaries
  • Income from production or business operation of individual industrial and commercial households,
  • Income from contracted or leased operations,
  • Income from remuneration for personal service,
  • Income from author’s remuneration,
  • Income from royalties,
  • Income from interest, dividends and bonuses,
  •  Income from lease of property,
  • Income from transfer of property,
  • Contingent income and other income specified as taxable by the finance department of the State Council.

The deadline for the annual individual income filing is March 31st 2016. Please contact us for further information.